How to Buy YouTube Views

Just the title of the article already grabs the attention and begs us to examine why buying YouTube videos is not only perfectly legal it’s a smart move for a growing channel. The reason for buying views is that most people are less likely to click a video with less than 1000 views. The solution that has been working for many people is to buy YouTube views from a reputable site to boost organic traffic to your channel.

Buying YouTube Views 101

The scary part is over because you’ve realized that nothing bad will happen to you when buying YouTube videos. The only way you will get in trouble is by having AdSense enabled when delivering the views, you purchased, and this is easily avoided so let’s move on. However be aware that buying views that are fake are just that…fake. You aren’t actually buying real views, but rather drawing attention to a channel with amazing content that needs more exposure to an over saturated platform.

buy YouTube views

Where to Buy

There’s more than one way to boost your views for a price and below are the top picks that offer the best mixture of affordability and quality. Just getting views is not all the package you enjoy as a buyer can offer. You also get likes, comments, and even subscribers based on the service you select.

Best Buying Services

·    Devumi

·    Buildmyviews


·    Vagex


Things to Avoid

There are really a lot of great companies as covered above, and yet it’s always smart to know what to avoid. There are scams on the internet these days and sadly we usually don’t find out until too late. Investing in a service with reasonable rates, a high-quality website, and the ability to use PayPal to complete your transaction is what you want to do.